Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Babies are 2!!!

2nd Bday 022

This post is a little late.

We have survived two years!!!  Surely they will be the hardest…right???????

People ask me all the time how I do it, and I have to give the babies most of the credit…they are really good!

They play great and can entertain themselves.  They love movies, coloring, playing with Baxley’s kitchen, books, blocks, and going outside.  They love SAM!!!

We are down to only using their pacifiers at night and Sawyer is fine without it.  Potty training is next:)  They go to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 and wake up around 6:30. 

Pop used to say that he could tell Kelley (E’s sister) something one time and she would listen, but not E, he had to beat the hell out of him…his words:) I think of that all of the time when dealing with Baxley and Sawyer.  You can talk with a mean tone to Bax and she tears up…not snuggle bug…he just laughs and keeps doing it!

2nd Bday 017

2nd Bday 019

2nd Bday 020

2nd Bday 021

2nd Bday 027

Sawyer wants to be just like Sam.  He is constantly following him around wanting to play and copying his every move.

He is so much like his Daddy.  He gets into trouble and then turns on the charm and I melt.  2nd Bday 036

2nd Bday 140

This chunky monkey snuggle bug gets away with murder and he knows it!  We will pay for E’s raising with this one.

2nd Bday 138

This one runs the show and she knows it!

I am so blessed!

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet 2yr olds. They are just adrorable!