Thursday, June 9, 2011

Water with Lou Lou

Sunday afternoon Laura invited us over to play in the water.  I started to get our things together and realized I didn’t have any swimmy diapers, this would not be a problem, but in the Ridge we are 25 minutes from swimmy diapers and this momma is just going to red-neck it!  I also got lazy and didn’t even put their suits on once we got there.  It kind of kills me to use the word lazy because lazy is one thing I am not!  I move ALL DAY LONG!!!!  But, Sunday I got lazy…there I said it!  Laura and Brandon are always so sweet to us!  Brandon cooked hot dogs and the kids had watermelon and Laura even helped me bathe them before we left.  I’m telling you she is the best!  She took these pics with her phone and sent them to me.2011-06-05_15-34-53_931[1] 2011-06-05_15-44-57_502[1]


bax2[1] Baxley isn’t afraid of anything…she climbed right up all by herself and slid right down!bax1[1]




Ha- look at those diapers!

And if you didn’t know Laura was the best already…look what she brought to me today!!!!!!!!!!  That’s right I am the proud new owner of this delicious Vera Bradley bag! Summer here I come, me and my cute bag:)

Get Carried Away Tote

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