Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BFF Beach Trip

BFF Beach 001

We returned home this morning from our Destin get-away!  We flew out Friday from the Tunica airport…pictured above!  Very small, they said they usually only have 3 flights a day.

BFF Beach 004

We were on a tiny plane!  It only had 10 rows.

BFF Beach 005

This is how close we were to the pilots.  There was a woman with a one year old and twin three year olds sitting right behind us…are you kidding me!  She was having the hardest time and I felt so bad for her.  That is how I feel so many times so I tried my best to help her.  One of the twins would not keep his seat belt on and I thought the flight attendant was going to have a melt down.  I ended up singing “Baby Bumble Bee” for about the last 20 minutes.  Once we landed I felt like our vaca could begin.

BFF Beach 007

As soon as we got settled we headed to Harry T’s for an adult beverage…yummy!

BFF Beach 009

The next day we stayed on the beach all day and then headed to AJ’s for dinner with some of Audra’s family who just happened to be in Destin at the same time.

BFF Beach 012

Audra’s brother Bryan and sister-in-law Kelly.

BFF Beach 013

We had the same cab driver, Billy, take us everywhere the entire time we were there. One night I told him I wanted to play cash cab and asked for my trivia question…here it is.

What does the ball on top of a flag pole have inside it?

Do you know the answer?  BFF Beach 014

Audra’s family was renting a pontoon boat the next day and going out to Crab Island for the day and invited us to go along.

BFF Beach 018

BFF Beach 016

BFF Beach 022

Crab Island…so much fun!

BFF Beach 023

That night we had dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe it was SO GOOD!!!

BFF Beach 025

And our last day on the beach…so sad!  Thanks again Mom for sending me on this little get-away and thank you Audra for being the best beach buddy! It was just what I needed!

Oh and the cash cab answer: a match, directions on how to burn a flag, and a bullet….maybe you can win some money if you get that question on cash cab:)

Side note: Google says it is a legend

Laura let me borrow this book to read while at the beach and it was so good!


Tomorrow I am taking the kids to see the Kinders at the Library and then off to the lake.  I love summer!

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Lindsey said...

Such a fun blog post. I love the beach, and I love your outfits in the pics, super cute!