Thursday, June 30, 2011

17 Months


The babies are really becoming little toddlers.  They aren’t talking much, but they can definitely communicate!  I have enjoyed spending every day with them so much!  I just can’t get over how much their personalities are coming out.

They are eating pretty much whatever we eat and drink milk and juice.  They are down to one nap a day and sleep for about two hours.  They are still going to bed before 8:00 and sleep until 7:00 most mornings.


Baxley is so calm and easy.  She is usually the easiest of the three.  I love seeing her walking around with her purse and phone.  She is definitely a dainty little princess.  She loves to sing “Baby Bumblebee” and loves her daddy!  She is very independent and wants to do everything by herself.  She is also tough as nails and can hang with the boys!

-Wears size 4 diapers, size 12 months clothes, and has four top teeth, cutting her fourth bottom tooth, and one back tooth.


Sawyer has a fire in him!  He is so strong willed and hard headed.  He runs and screams and attacks things!  He is so full of energy and goes a hundred miles an hour.  He loves being at home and being with his mommy.  E’s family make comments all the time about how E was the exact same way!  He can make me so mad one minute and two seconds later I am eating him up.  He is still my snuggle bug and I can’t get enough of him!

-Wears size 5 diapers, size 18 months clothes, and has four top teeth, cutting his third bottom tooth, and two back teeth


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amber leann said...

Glad to see your blog is letting you post! Mine won't!! :( Your kiddos are growing up so fast!! I am sure they are loving you being home with them this summer! I sure am enjoying being off with mine!