Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Loves

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This week I am loving that we are heading to the lake house for the weekend.  Nonna and I are taking 8 kiddos so say a little prayer for us:)  I didn’t get to go last year because it would have just been too hard with the babies so I am super excited to be able to stat going again.  E left today to go get things ready for us.

E and I spent so much time at the lake while we were dating.  I have SO many special memories of time there.  E grew up at the lake and I really want my kids to enjoy the lake as much as we do.  I can’t wait to make new memories with the kids. 


This picture was taken in 2000 when E took me to the lake house for the first time.

The one below was on E’s boat he had in college. Ha, look how small E looks!IMG_0005

I am also loving that my mom called this week and has decided that we just HAVE to be at the last space launch.  I grew up going to Florida every summer.  We always stayed with my great uncle who is a retired engineer from NASA.  We have seen many launches and many times planned our trips around them. It is an absolute breathtaking moment,  I just can’t describe it.  We were there when the first woman in space went up and were there a few years ago in the VIP section.  I really have no idea how we ended up there, but we sat right down from the former Governor Jeb Bush and the former first lady Laura Bush.  So we are making plans to be there in July!





I am loving that there is only 1 more Wednesday left of school!!!  I am so ready to spend time with my kiddos!!!

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