Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sam’s friend Chucky

So, Sam has an imaginary friend named Chucky…really…could you come up with a scarier name…no I don’t think so.  He randomly talks about Chucky.  This was a conversation we had driving to school the other day:

Sam: Mommy do you see that rice in that field?

Me: Yes son

Sam: That is Chucky’s rice.

Me: Is Chucky one of your buddies?

Sam: No mommy he is a farmer.

Then tonight I saw him pushing Baxley’s baby around in it’s stroller and I asked him who he was pushing.  His reply: Chucky’s baby.



AmyA said...

Wow! I am really laughing out loud at this point! I can only imagine that...too funny!!! Lane has not done this yet!

Morgan said...

Oooh!! That's weird!!