Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sawyer & Baxley


The babies are 2 and a half!  I can’t believe how fast it is going and how much easier it is getting!  Most days they are really good and play really well together.  They always check on each other and want to know that the other one is okay.  I love their love for one another!

They both love watching Despicable Me and love playing with their iPod.  They love to swim and to be outside.  They are really into reading books and singing songs.


Bax-  Otherwise known around our house as Sissy or Princess Baxerella! She is so petite and tiny and we just all dote on her!

She is now potty trained and when she goes to the bathroom she asks me, “Mommy, are you proud of me?”.

She loves her baby, her blankie, Lola, Tangled, and her brothers.  She is so brave and will try anything and she loves to flip!


Sawyer J- Is the happiest little thing ever!  He is so loving and sweet and I could eat him up.  He is DEFINITELY a Momma’s boy!

He adores Sam and watches and mimics his every move.

He loves animals, balls, closing doors, his flip flops, and his mommy…did I mention he loves his mommy?

These 3 beautiful children make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  I love them so!!!

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