Thursday, July 19, 2012



I love this little personality so much!!!

I am so proud of him every day.  He amazes me with his broad vocabulary and his eagerness to learn.  He has such a sweet spirit and cares so much for others.  He is the best brother and is constantly looking out for the babies and making sure they are safe.

He is so independent and dresses himself every day.  About 4 months ago he had an accident in the middle of the night (which he NEVER does).  He came and got in bed with us.  The next morning I asked him why he got in bed with us and he replied that he had wet the bed, but not to worry he had taken care of it.  He had put a towel on his bed, changed his jammies, put the wet ones in the laundry basket, and came and got in our bed.  How big!!!!

I look back over the past four years and think about how easy he did everything, getting rid of the paci, potty training, moving to a big boy bed, going to bed at night, and I am in awe at how big he is.

He loves music and knows the words to so many songs!  He definitely has his daddy’s ear for music.  His teacher told me that one student comes in singing nursery rhymes, one comes in singing praise songs, and Sam comes in singing Journey and Cheeseburger and Paradise.  His favorite song right now is Bruce Springsteen’s “Going Down”, which drives me INSANE!!!  He plays it constantly on his iPod.

He also loves Transformers, Power Rangers, and anything John Deere or farming.  He LOVES being outside and spends most of his time there.  He loves riding his tractor and pretending to farm.  He has recently been introduced to YouTube, thanks to the “I’m Farming and I Grow It” video and has found all kinds of things to watch.

We argue pretty regularly about his wardrobe.  I try to pick my battles and I rarely win!  He wants to wear his “work clothes” as he calls them, every day!  That includes his jeans (even in 100 degree weather) his insulated boots, his JD t-shirt and JD hat!  I constantly tell him that it is too hot and his is going to sweat and he constantly tells me that his Daddy sweats every day!  The boy ADORES his Daddy!!!!  Blake asked him to be in her wedding the other day and without missing a beat and as serious as can be he replies, “I can’t I’m working that day.”

He is a very scheduled child and has a nightly routine.  I love listening to what he wants to pray for.  I can’t wait to see what this next school year holds and I want to cherish each day!  I am so proud of him!!!

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