Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baxley’s First Haircut

Bax Christmas 002

Baxley’s hair was getting long and I decided she probably needed a trim.  I wanted her to get to go Pigtails and Crewcuts for her first hair cut since the boys both went there.  We were headed to Sheridan for the weekend so I thought we could stop Friday on our way through.  Audra was getting off about 5:00 and was going to meet us.

We got to the shopping center a little early and I knew Audra was probably fighting traffic so I decided I could take them in by myself (which I never do). We made it in pretty well and Baxley did great getting her hair cut.  As we were leaving, I was carrying Baxley, Sawyer took off running out the door, I was about to drop Bax chasing after Sawyer, she lost her bow, Sam was biting her picture, and I was losing my mind!!!!  About that time I could tell a man was about to get out of his car to help me and he set his alarm off.  I look up and it is Randy Marsh…to the rescue!!!!

I was so excited to get to see Randy and Janice and of course Marsh.  It was so crazy that they were there right then, right when I desperately needed help!  This is example 23 why I never take all three of my kids places by myself!

We then met Audra and fed the kids Chick Fil A, which was an entirely different crazy story…oh my 3 kids!!!!

Bax Christmas 003

Bax Christmas 005

Sam was disappointed they didn’t have a princess chair for Sissy.

Bax Christmas 010

Bax Christmas 009

Bax Christmas 016

Bax Christmas 114

Our keepsake, notice the teeth marks!

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amber leann said...

Klaire has hair, but I will be glad when it gets the same length all the way around. Baxley is so pretty!