Tuesday, December 6, 2011

23 Months

23 months 009

The babies are 23 Months and as Christmas approaches we are having so much fun!!!

23 months 012 23 months 013

Sawyer is the happiest boy!  He still loves his Mommy and loves to cuddle. He loves to dance, play with his ball and wrestle with Sam.

23 months 001

This is his favorite spot in the house.  He loves watching the animals.  He is wearing size 2T clothes now and is a little chunk.  He reminds me so much of E, such a little charmer….especially when he is in trouble!

23 months 011 23 months 010

Baxley is still the princess of the house.  As I type this she is running around in her jammies, pink squeaky shoes (were cute for about 2 seconds), and her purse.  She loves to take my finger and pull me around with her.

She loves shoes and jewelry.  She also loves to talk on the phone and calls BB quite a bit for a quick chat.

23 months 014

Right now our car rides are pretty interesting.  They are old enough now where the DVD will hold their attention so they aren’t so fussy.  Their new thing is taking their shoes and socks off every time we get in the car which makes me crazy!  Sawyer also loves to grab Baxley, which makes her scream and when I get on to him and tell him to leave her alone…he just laughs. 

Oh these are the days…

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