Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Loves

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Halloween 001

This week I am loving the fun the kids and I had throughout Halloween.

Halloween 005

9-17 004

I had this chair made for Laura, love how it turned out.  Perfect for baseball games!

9-17 005

Sweet - I'm doing an awesome job!  :)

Christmas wish lists.

I want to make these!


Love being a Razorback fan

I love that Revenge comes on tonight!!!  Love this show!

What are you loving this week????


Kit said...

Love the chair

Kristen said...

Love Revenge too! I wasn't so sure after the first episode but I really like it now!

Sarah said...

Those wish lists are adorable!

Christina Staggs said...

I'm glad I'm not alone!! I am so addicted to Revenge, too!