Sunday, July 3, 2011

John Deere Gloves


Headed out to lunch and can’t get the boy to take off his “farm clothes”! 


Someone else didn’t want to go either!


Okay all better


Yesterday, we had lunch at Aunty Sissy’s and then we took Sam to the Redbirds game.






Headed to the ball game.IMG_4593

This was the picture we took last year before the game.

Game 002

Love this pic!Game 006

Game 008

Game 010

Game 011

Game 012

These boys had the best time and were SO GOOD!Game 014 

Laura got us tickets right behind the dug-out so we could see Rocky the Redbird up and close. We were also in the shade which was nice!Game 018

Game 020

Game 022

Sam loved the fireworks, look at his face in the pic below!Game 025

Game 029

When we walked out of the stadium there was a band playing and people were standing around enjoying the music.  Sam immediately started dancing and putting on a show.  Laura was able to video it on her phone, I have got to get a copy!

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