Monday, July 18, 2011

First Plane Ride

Florida 2011 001

We survived flying with four kids, three and under!  Praise the Lord!  Florida 2011 003

Florida 2011 004

Florida 2011 006

The first flight was so hard!  First off we were delayed, and then delayed again after boarding the plane.  It was so hard to try to keep the kids in their seats!  There are only four oxygen masks per three seats so they would only allow four people per three seats.  The plane was full, Robert and Gavin were sitting together, Nana had to sit alone, and then I had all the kids and dad was right in front of us.  They wouldn’t allow dad to sit with us because of the oxygen mask issue.  I kept trying to get one of the kids to sit with Papa, but they of course all wanted to sit with mommy.

Florida 2011 008

Florida 2011 009

This is when we first boarded…okay for a few minutes.Florida 2011 010

Florida 2011 011 Florida 2011 012

Then this happened!!!

Our flight didn’t leave until after 7 and many people were going to miss their connecting flights including us.  We got lucky and our connecting flight was also delayed so we made it!  The second flight was much better, all the kids slept.  We arrived in Orlando after midnight and were all exhausted!  Mom met us at the airport and we headed to a hotel room in Orlando.  The flights home were morning flights and SO MUCH BETTER!!!

I am so lucky that my Nana is still in such good health that she could travel with us.  She was always with us on our Florida trips growing up and I am so glad that she can now go with my kids.


Today is her 78th birthday!  Happy birthday Nana, we love you!


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AmyA said...

Neat pictures! Love the walking away one! Did you get to play with your camera while you were there?