Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine’s Day

photo (128)

Sam brought this cute colored picture home from school and I asked him if he colored it for me…he said no it was for Sydney (our neighbor).

photo (13)

I got a text on Monday that Sam was supposed to have a Valentine box in class on Thursday…WHAT…this momma needs a weekend!  I went down to Debbie’s room and asked for suggestions.  We looked on Pinterest and found this cute box and knew he would love it.  Debbie told me she would bring the boxes and we would get it done.  At 10pm Debbie texted me a pic of this box…SHE MADE IT!!!  So sweet!  He was so excited!

photo (129)

photo (133) photo (136)

Linz made these precious tags for the kids treats!

photo (134)

We got the kids kites as part of their Valentine’s.  The weather was perfect that night and they had the best time playing with them.

photo (137)

E and I went out Saturday night to celebrate.  Another wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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