Monday, October 24, 2011

Race for the Cure

The kids and I went to Sheridan Friday afternoon for a packed weekend.  Saturday morning I ran Race for the Cure with Audra and Gams.  It is such a special day for Audra, her mother had breast cancer and her mother-in-law is a survivor.  I was so glad I could run it with her this year.  I used to run quite a bit before I started having babies.  I started trying to get back into the swing of it a couple of months ago.  Saturday morning was the first time I had ran 3 straight miles in almost 3 years.  I did okay for my first time back at it.  They medal the top 300 (out of like 40,000 or something.) I ran 28:38…Gams did great and Audra rocked it out with 25:02!!!!!!  AWESOME!



After the race Audra and I ran a few errands and then headed back to Sheridan.  We had an 80th birthday party for my Granny at my parent’s house.  It was so good to celebrate with her and to visit with everyone.  I took a bunch of pics and then Sunday morning couldn’t find my camera.  Well….we finally found it…outside…in the rain!!!  I can’t even talk about it right now.

So after Granny’s party we ran by Madeley’s birthday party.  She is so precious and Morgan did a great job with her party.  I stole a few pics from Morgan’s blog.

Yesterday was Pop’s birthday…we all love him SO MUCH!!!  They are almost done with harvest so we are going to celebrate later in the week.  Happy Birthday Pop!!!

A co-worker emailed me this picture the other day.  My sweet little jackets:)


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