Monday, October 10, 2011

Pirate Party

Sam had two birthday parties this weekend.  Linz and I had planned to go to Mistletoe Merchants on Saturday so Laura was sweet enough to let Sam go to Rhett’s party with them.  On Sunday, Baxley was sick so Nonna stayed with her while I took the boys to Cooper’s party.  It was at Village Creek and it was a beautiful day.  He had a pirate theme and Sam loved it. 


I had staff development today and really couldn’t miss it so my sweet mother drove up last night to stay with Baxley today.  Baxley is feeling much better and I know she enjoyed all of the attention.  Thanks BB!!!!!!!!

BB came and got me last night to come look at Sam in bed…this is what we found…

pirate 001

Notice his earring and hook!  The flash of my camera caused him to move…

pirate 002

I love this kiddo!

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