Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Audra’s Wedding Saturday-Race

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Saturday morning five of the eight bridesmaids and lots of family and friends met downtown at 6:45 for the Race for the Cure.  Channel 11 in Little Rock has been following Audra’s story for the past week.

Audra’s mother fought Cancer (which began as breast cancer) for 4 long years.  She passed away this past February.  Instead of doing hostess gifts at all of her parties and showers Audra made donations to the Susan G Komen Foundation in honor of the hostesses.  She began running the Race for the Cure the year her mother was diagnosed and has medaled every year.  She decided to get married on this day and to run in memory of her mother.  We all wanted to be there to support her.

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I had these shirts made for us to wear.  They were all a little different.

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Mrs. Zoe is also a breast cancer survivor.

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Audra, her dad, her brother, and sister in law Kelly.

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Channel 11 interviewed Audra early that morning.  We were all on live.

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Audra and Scottakg 038 This is a bride that married on this day a couple of years ago in memory of her sister.  Oprah heard her story and she was on her show.  She wanted to meet Audra.

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Audra getting ready to start the race with the elite runners.akg 040

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Audra has been referring to this day as “The Sweetest Day of the Year” this entire time.  It is an actual holiday…who knew????

We were all at the finish line waiting for her.  She did great, getting a medal and finishing in 26 minutes.  We were all so proud of her.

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