Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to School

IMG_5356We returned to school last week so I am sure my blogging will slow down!  These are some pics of Sam on the first morning of Wee School behind our house.  His teacher is Mrs. Dallas and she is so sweet.  He did really good and didn’t cry.  Wee school is over at noon so I don’t get to pick him up and that makes me sad…I always want to hear about his day.  C.C. picks him up and takes him to Ms. Melinda’s and he spends the rest of the day there.IMG_5361

IMG_5363He has been telling me all weekend he wants to go to Wee School.

IMG_5367 Mrs. Sandra still comes to the house and stays with the babies, I am sure they have been missing us!IMG_5375 




IMG_5388 These pics absolutely crack me up…It’s like he is thinking “what are you doing with that camera, I am naked!”IMG_5389 “Don’t get my top either!”IMG_5390





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amber leann said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the pics of the twins interacting with each other! SO SO stinkin cute! Almost makes me want twins, ha!