Sunday, March 31, 2013

Uncle Dale

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Over spring break I went to Florida for my Uncle Dale’s memorial service.  He was actually my great uncle and I went to visit him every summer.  He was a retired aerospace engineer from NASA.  Because of him, I was able to witness many launches and landings.  The space program has a very special place in my heart and so does my Uncle.

We did go have dinner at the port one night and watched the dolphins.

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He has a ton of space memorabilia, but in his personal photos we found many pictures of famous people from the launches. 

photo (50)

John Denver

photo (146)

Robert Redford

photo (152)

Jimmy Buffett

photo (4)

I also found this pic of my mom and me at a landing in 1981.

photo (2)

And this gem taken out back by his pool after a Disney trip.


And I was also able to introduce my children to the space program.  We watched the last launch from the beach in 2011.

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Uncle Dale you will be missed!  Thank you so much for all of the fun summers and the experiences you brought into my life.

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