Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sam’s 5th Birthday Party

Friday night we celebrated Sam’s birthday with an outdoor party at the duck club.  It is such a hard time of year to plan an outdoor party, so we got super lucky when the weather was perfect!!!


Kelly Vaught camp invite_edited-2

Dee with SOUTHERN BELLA VITA STUDIO did the invites…so cute!  She also did the banners, which I loved!

photo (142)

 Sam 5th 017

Trail Mix Bar…which was a big hit!

Sam 5th 045

S’mores table

Sam 5th 001

Sam 5th 002

Sam 5th 005 Sam 5th 008 Sam 5th 009 Sam 5th 012

Sam 5th 013

Sam 5th 007

Cookies from Sooieets in Wynne…so cute!!!

Sam 5th 006

Sam 5th 010

Sam 5th 011

Sam 5th 014

Sam 5th 015

Linz did all of my labels, cupcake toppers, and tent cards for me….love her!!!

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