Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crossing our fingers

Well the babies seem to be on the mend finally!!!

Thursday both babies had tubes put in their ears.  Everything went smoothly.  The doctor gave us a list of things to watch for and of course fever was one of those things.  Friday night my mom came to help out and to give me some rest.  Saturday night she was up all night sick.  My dad ended up coming to get her Sunday because she was too sick to drive home.  I hated it for her.  Today she is finally feeling better and returned to work.  Monday Sawyer woke up with 103 temp so back to the doctor we went.  They have done pretty much everything there is to do so Dr. S believes it must be a virus.  Tuesday we were back to the doc for the babies 9 month check-up and we took Sam so he could get a flu shot.  Sam weighed 29 pounds, Sawyer 22 pounds, and Bax weighed 17 pounds.  I really believe Sawyer will catch up with Sam before we know it.  Today is Thursday and everyone is fever free and feeling better.  I pray things are looking up! This has been the longest month!

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amber leann said...

WOW! Bless your heart!!! Hope all is better SOON!