Monday, November 8, 2010

Can you say Co-Pay????

Well my poor sick babies just won’t get well.

Earlier this month I took both babies to the Children’s Clinic in Jonesboro because they had cold symptoms and were fussy.  We took 10 days of antibiotics for ear infections and then were back 4 days later still sick.  We took 10 more days of another antibiotic and before we could even finish that I took them back because Sawyer was fussing a lot when he was taking his bottle.  They said his ears were still bad, but Bax looked okay.  They started him on 3 days of shots.  Mrs. Donna and I took them Thursday, she took Sawyer Friday, and I took him Saturday.  Sunday we woke up and Bax had fever.  Jac Jac came and helped me take them back.  Her fever was 103.4.  They said that was high for an ear infection so they ran some tests including a flu test, blood work, and a chest x-ray.  Everything looked okay so they gave her a shot.  Today, we got to see our doctor and she sent us straight over to the ENT.  We are now scheduled to have tubes put in on Thursday.  After we left the ENT we had to go back to the CC and they gave them both shots again.  So yes if you are keeping up that is 5 days in a row of the CC and shots and my babies have been troopers.  Four hours in doctor’s offices today!!!!

On top of all of this, my phone died on me last Friday and they ordered me a new one.  Hopefully it will be in tomorrow!  I am so lost without it.  I am completely exhausted and don’t know what I would do with out my family and friends! 

Laura- thanks again for keeping Sam for me- you are the best!

Blake- thanks for letting him come play Sunday!  That’s why you are the FCB!


Shea said...

Poor babies! I'm so sorry you/they are having to go through that. Hopefully the tubes will help and they'll be better soon! Praying for all of you.

Stephanie said...

They will feel so much better after tubes. Logan had 2 sets and he was a different child after both. Good Luck! Will be praying for you.