Monday, December 14, 2009

Eventful Weekend

Well I survived my first week of bed rest, I am not cut out for this!!!
Tuesday- Thursday were so boring I just laid on the couch. Friday I had a couple of visitors ( I will post some pics later). Things have been kind of hectic, E is going hunting every morning and I can't lift Sam out of his bed so we have to have a plan every day. His parents and Jac Jac and Rusty have been so good to help us.
When my twin nieces were born we had a nanny come in and stay. Her name is Janey and she was wonderful. She is like a twin expert and works for different families with twins. She and her husband came and visited with us Saturday about maybe coming to help us. It was very overwhelming and we still have yet to decide what we are going to do. I think the stress of all of it got to me because I was having a lot of contractions and the medicine was not working. Around 6:00 E took Sam to his parents and we headed to LR. The entire way there I was having contractions every 10 minutes. Of course when we arrived they had almost stopped. They went ahead and checked me out and told me I was dehydrated, which seams impossible to me because all I do is drink water and go to the bathroom. They let us go home late that night and I was feeling better. I told E it was a great practice run:)

I felt bad because Mrs. Donna had planned on going to Benton Sunday morning for the kids Christmas program at church. Jac Jac told me she was going to check with her about keeping him. So, Sunday I woke up and started calling around to check on Sam. Jac Jac called me back and told me she had him at church. OMGosh E didn't even take his shoes when he took him! I said what is he wearing??? A snowman t-shirt, jeans, and embarrassing:) They ended up taking him to Jonesboro to eat lunch with Blake so E and I could rest. Rusty sent me some pics.

Sam spotting Santa at the mall.

Look dad, I can find ducks too!!!

Sam trying on some of Rusty's hats.

This is a picture from my shower a while back Sarah sent me...I love Sam's face.

I go back to the doctor today so I will update you tomorrow.

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