Monday, October 8, 2012



I had a wonderful weekend!!! It had been a really tough week at school.  One of our teachers lost her battle with cancer and we had some serious issues with a “hazing” incident.  I had taken both boys on two separate trips to the doctor in Jonesboro and I was EXHAUSTED! E called me at school Friday and asked if my parents might keep the kids because he thought I needed a break.  So we met Mom and Dad in Searcy and they took the kids and we headed to the lake! 

We had dinner at Who Dat’s and made it to the lake and were in bed by 10:30.  Saturday morning E went and picked up donuts and brought me breakfast in bed.  I went back to sleep and slept pretty much the entire day.

We got out of bed around 5:00 and went to dinner at Cafe Klaser, and then went back to bed!  Jealous????



I absolutely LOVE being at the lake house and didn’t want to leave. I feel like a new person, I desperately needed that rest.  I think I might need that little get-a-way a little more often! It is so peaceful and was just what I needed.  Thank you E for making it happen and thank you Mom and Dad for keeping our kiddos!


I think they had a big time at BB and Papa’s!

mask2 mask3

We met Mom at noon on Sunday to get the kids.  We headed to the pumpkin patch for John B’s birthday party and then Sam and I went to Jonesboro for Rhett’s party and E and the babies went out to the barn.




Perfect weekend- time to rest and have some time with E and then a fun day with the kiddos!

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Mickey and Jessica said...

why didn't i know about this "barn"!!!