Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zoo Trip


After Caroline’s party we headed to the zoo with Cooper.  The kids couldn’t wait to see the Dinosaur exhibit and it didn’t disappoint.  I highly recommend it!!! We also met up with Raleigh and her friend.

dino t


Sam and Coop making scary dino faces.


Bax did not like the dinos…this is how she was through the entire thing!

zoo digging

Digging for dinosaur bones.




Linz went along with us to help and I don't think we would have made it without her.

When we made it back to Wynne Sam begged me to let him spend the night with Cooper.  He has never had a “sleepover” and I really didn’t know how he would do.  Neither E or I liked to be away from home when we were kids and I really didn’t think Sam would make it all night, but he surprised me!

I probably texted LeAnn three times to check on him and to see if he wanted me to come get him.  I think it was way harder on me than him…it’s hard to let go and realize your little boy is big enough for a sleepover.  He made it all night and had a big time…such a big boy!

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