Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Yuzuki

yuzuki 126

We went to Yuzuki’s birthday party at Pump It Up.  When we first got there Sam and I were in the bathroom when the lights went out.  When we came out we smelled smoke and found out the closet beside us had an electrical fire.  We all had to leave the building.  We piled in Emily’s car.  Sam loved watching the fire truck and the firemen.yuzuki 127

yuzuki 132

After almost an hour they let us come back in and start the pizza in the dark while they replaced a fuse box.  Yuzuki’s mom had sunglasses for the kids which was a big hit.yuzuki 131

Sweet Julia…We love this girl!yuzuki 133 

Yuzuki enjoying her pizza.yuzuki 136

Sam had a great time.  I was so surprised when I saw him climbing up to go down the big slide.  I think he went down it 20 times.

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