Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birds & Baseball


Okay I absolutely LOVE my Nana, but she has always wanted to show me birds and trees and flowers and I have absolutely no interest in any of it.  I know I sound terrible, but I am just being honest.  I do however love the fact that she is so independent and never complains.  She loves family pictures, (which I do too) and I love going on vacation with her.  I love watching her with my kids because she absolutely adores them and smiles and laughs the entire time.  I have so many wonderful memories with her from my childhood.  Anyway….here are my bird pictures Nana!  I know you are loving every second of this:)  I just couldn’t help but think of her when I was snapping these pictures.

My parents have a crazy amount of hummingbirds on their deck.  They have 6 or 7 feeders and have to refill them every day.  We were there this past weekend and I snapped a few pictures.IMG_5722

IMG_5727 Daddy bought Sam a t-ball set and we got outside after the rain and let him give it his best shot.IMG_5729

IMG_5731 We all thought we would be the better coach.IMG_5732



Bax and Sawyer had a great weekend too.  IMG_5702


IMG_5709 Gavin loved helping take care of them.IMG_5713 

Look at my big girl!IMG_5705

Sweet GavinIMG_5723 BB had lots of help unloading the dishwasher.IMG_5725

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