Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Twins Arrive

WOW...where do I begin
Friday morning E and I arrived at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. to prepare for the arrival of the babies. I started having a lot of contractions and wasn't feeling great. By the time Dr. B came in I was in crazy is go into labor the morning of your scheduled c-section. E's parents, Mottie, Blake, Uncle Jackie, Aunt Sally, Brandon, and Laura all came Thursday night so the weather wouldn't prevent them from being there. My parents and Sam came up early Friday morning. Everything went well Baxley was born first at 5 pounds, 11 ounces and then Sawyer at 6 pounds, 8 ounces. He alone weighed more than Sam did. They let both of them stay with us in the labor and delivery room and everyone was able to come back and see them. Sawyer was making some grunting noises and they thought he might cry out what they call "wet lungs". After a bit he hadn't so they took him to the nursery to keep an eye on him. They eventually ended up moving him to the NICU.

My friend Morgan has a good friend that is a nurse at the hospital and she told her we were coming and to take good care of us. When they moved us to our room we had a huge suite attached to our room. It was so nice and the nursing staff was great! We stayed four nights and are now staying at the Guest House which is a hotel right beside the hospital. We have Baxley with us so it has been an adventure.

Sawyer is doing so much better. We have had so many ups and downs with him. At one time he was on oxygen, had a cannula, an IV, and they began giving him caffeine for apnea. He is now off of everything and the caffeine is working. He is very close to becoming jaundice and they are keeping an eye on that. We will have to bring him home on a heart monitor and we have already been through the training for that. It was more of a refresher course because Sam came home with the same thing. He has passed his hearing test and the car seat test so we are hoping to come home soon.

Sam stayed the weekend at the hotel with E's parents so he could come back and forth to the hospital to see us. He has been calling Baxley "sissy" and I think he understands she is part of our family now, but I am not so sure he realizes there is another one. He went back to HR Sunday with E's parents. Every time I talk to him he asks about "sissy". He has started going back to the babysitter and is trying to get back in his routine. I miss him SO MUCH!!! If we are not coming home tomorrow Mrs. Donna is going to bring him to see us.

E has been so good through all of this. He is so good with the babies and is taking such good care of me. We can't both go see Sawyer until the evenings when my mom can come and stay with Baxley. E goes over there first thing every morning and checks on him and takes milk. We can't get to Jonesboro right now so we are taking Baxley to see a pediatrician here today. We can't wait to have them back together.

We really appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. We will have pictures posted as soon as I can.


Christina Staggs said...

I hate that you guys are seperated right now. That must really be hard. You guys are in my prayers! I hope Sawyer gets discharged soon and you guys can all go home and be together!

Shea said...

I can only imagine how hard it has been to be separated. I'd like to see Sam's face when TWO babies end up at home! You guys are still in my prayers!

Amber said...

So glad that they are here, and can't wait till you can all be home together. Praying for you all as you being this wonderul journey! Many blessings to you all!

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry we couldn't come! We've had our hands full with Mom and the shower. Can't wait until the 2 weeks is up. Mom told all the nurses and anyone who would listen in the hospital that she had new great grandchildren! Congratulations!